Parapet Install WestchesterAs a distinguished parapet wall contractor in Westchester, Roof Contractor NY has served the construction industry in successfully installing and repairing the parapets of buildings. We have offered extensive services to all our clients through effective and premium-grade solutions that have enhanced durability. The parapet of a residential or commercial building is one of the construction codes that is significantly meant for protection against fire spread and to improve the resistance to strong winds. Acting as guardrails, the parapet ensures safety for anyone on the terrace. 

At Roof Contractor NY, we offer you on-site examination so that you become cognizant of whether your parapet walls possess any threat to your building and lives. We also provide you with free estimates based on the type of repair or replacement solution you may require. For any masonry construction, the maintenance of parapet walls is crucial for increased functionality and safety. Our team deals with parapet install Westchester dexterously, investing immense proficiency and skills required for accomplishing top-notch precision. 

How does the Parapet Wall in a Building Function?

The parapet in a building is located on top of the roof along the edges. High rises, condos, and even private houses have parapet walls that preserve the congregation of the roof itself. In other words, parapet roof installation in Westchester is necessary to keep the roof structure in place and promote stability. 

Listed below are the predominant functions of parapet walls in a building:

  • What would have happened if your building did not have parapet walls? The strong and high winds would have blown under the roof membrane, ripping away the roof altogether! Isn’t that a horrific thought? Thus, the parapet walls act as a barrier against the impact of strong and gusty winds. Your house or office is saved from collapsing!
  • We spoke of the wind, but do you know parapet install Westchester is also significant in restricting moisture, debris, and dust from entering your roof? These are all active agents of contamination, responsible for decay and corrosion. The gradual wearing of the roof destabilizes the structural integrity of the building. This in turn may lead to a sudden crumbling down of the structure. The professionals at Roof Contractor NY utilize the finest quality raw materials in the repair and installation of parapets for extended longevity.
  • When the roof is guarded by walls, you get ample space for various utility purposes. From hosting parties to play areas for kids, your roof becomes a favorite entertainment zone! Hence for major damage concerns, always consider parapet replacement Westchester by a licensed professional- safety assured responsibly!
  • Today, parapet walls come in multiple designs, some of which may be precisely ornamented. So, to some extent, they serve in enhancing the aesthetics of a building. From stepped parapet walls to perforated parapet walls, you have so many options to choose from!

Choosing Roof Contractor NY

Roof Contractor NY is a pronounced general contractor serving building owners in Westchester with immaculate solutions on comprehensive parapet maintenance including installation, repair, and replacement. Parapet roof repair Westchester County as offered by us is based on a thorough inspection and analysis of the extent of the damage. It enables us to propose to you the most suitable solution that will bestow long-term effectuality without having to worry about it repeatedly.

We are a fully licensed and insured company working in compliance with the codes of building construction while retaining the safety standards. As a client, you can expect from us, quality, credibility, and competency. Whether parapet install Westchester or restore the old one, Roof Contractor NY stands aids you in meeting the best solutions at the most competent rates.