Roof Leak Repair WestchesterThe roof is the most significant aspect of any building construction and is highly susceptible to damage especially leaks that build with time. Roof Contractor NY is a creditable team of professionals providing effective solutions for roof leak repair Westchester. We offer extensive services to all residential and commercial properties with the assurance of prolonged durability. Waterproofing a building is one of the crucial codes of construction to be strictly followed by every masonry contractor. It accompanies not only the walls or basement but the roof as well. 

Being the topmost part of a building, the roof is exposed to a high amount of rainfall and snowfall. So, over a period of time, cracks and leaks develop which is more prevalent in concrete constructions. We, at Roof Contractor NY, track down a leak and propose the best fix that proffers long-lasting results. Our experts are adept at working on any type of roofing material including shingle, tile, concrete, asphalt, metal, stone, and others. 

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks in heavy rain may be the foremost thing that will come to your mind. It is undoubtedly the primary cause, but there is more to it. Did you ever wonder why do leaks form in the first place? There are numerous factors responsible for this event. 

We, Roof Contractor NY have listed down the prevalent causes of the abominable leaks that appear on your building’s roof incontinently or after decades:

  • The roof of a building comes with service life. When properly maintained, it can last up to 20-25 years. However, ageing causes irrevocable damage where the waterproofing membrane deteriorates allowing water ingression. Roof leak repair Westchester by an expert can resolve the issue.
  • Missing shingles and tiles lead to considerable damage to the underlying layers of the roof. Strong winds or any physical impact results in cracking, chipping, or even misplacing of the shingles and tiles. As a result, you may often notice the rotting of wood and large damp patches- an evident indication of a leaking roof.
  • The joints in your roof are sealed and protected by flashing. These flashings must be appropriately installed for adequate protection against water penetration. Regular wear and tear or improper installation can lead to leaks that can be repaired by caulking and other relevant roof leak repair Westchester techniques.
  • Do you know the chimney can be an underlying cause of roof leaks? Persistent exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions often result in cracks in the mud cap or even loosening of the joints. These conditions are ideal for easy water ingress into the building.
  • When the roof downspouts are clogged due to debris build-up, pooling water on the roof is a common problem. This is one of the possible culprits of a leaking roof as water seeps through the cracks and weak spots on the roof. An experienced roofing contractor Westchester County like Roof Contractor NY can provide you with the best affordable solutions.
  • Often the roof fixtures and nails are not secured properly featuring direct access for water to penetrate the deeper layers. All you have to do is contact your roofing contractor and seal the hole.


While several factors are responsible for a leaking roof, there is only one fix- hiring a reputed and reliable roofing expert. The good news is Roof Contractor NY is one such company, delivering exhaustive roof repair services. As a licensed roof replacement contractor Westchester, we have furnished numerous successful projects while implementing the highest quality raw materials, latest techniques, and impeccable precision. Be assured that we will never let down your expectations!