Fix Damaged Chimney

As a significant architectural component, a chimney depicts the apotheosis of your home. It is one of those features that represent a warm and comfortable environment to live in. In places like Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester receiving maximum snowfall, almost every house has got a fireplace with a decorative chimney to keep away the biting cold.

However, being the top-most section of the roof, chimneys are often neglected. It means most homeowners do not undergo regular maintenance and cleaning of the chimney which often leads to some major issues including the charring yellow paint. The chimney acts as an outlet for heat and smoke. Over time, the walls of the chimney get clogged due to the accumulation of soot and tar called creosote. It increases the threat of fire spread and contaminates the indoor air. Along with this, cracks and surface degradation occurs calling for an immediate chimney repair to prevent cataclysm. Repairing a damaged chimney is imperative for enhancing the safety of the building and the residents as well. Ignoring the early signs of defacement will lead to expensive repair work, often provoking replacement.

Fixing Damaged Chimney

Damages are inescapable! Your chimney is constantly exposed to extreme heat and smoke including water from rainfall and snowfall. The chain of chemical reactions causes cracks that are often too large permitting the outbreak of a devastating chimney fire! It is a terrifying phenomenon to even think of! chimney repair service Queens provided by an expert will aid long-run benefit, diminishing potential risks.

Dealing with chimney repair and maintenance:

  • Leaks around the edges of the chimney stack result in water penetration and damp patches on internal walls and chimney breasts. Generally, loose or defective flashings are responsible for this event. Weatherproofing with durable and flexible lead material is the best fix. Also, repointing the mortar joints will seal any crevice that permits water infiltration.
  • Cracks along the brick chimney walls are an extensively common damage concern for every homeowner. The alternate heating and cooling phases create tension in the brickwork leading to cracks of all sizes. Smaller cracks can be easily patched using masonry sealant. However, critically damaged bricks require replacement by the best chimney repair Bronx
  • Thatch fires are predominantly caused due to heat transfer from the chimney stack. Stray sparks and embers from chimneys with improper insulation are in all likelihood responsible for most thatch fires. Thus insulating the chimney flue accompanied by regular cleaning can prevent overheating and heat spread. Also, your chimney will sparkle to bright yellow glory!
  • The chimney of your house undergoes immense physical and chemical impacts. Severe wind pressure with insistent frost action on one side, coupled with moisture retention is accountable for the gradual leaning of your chimney. It is not an unusual event and may occur at any point in time. Usually, chimney replacement Westchester is the most ideal solution for severe cases. Nonetheless, often stabilizing the chimney stack with straps or stay bars is preferred for less critical scenarios.

Do you have a damaged chimney at your home? Call your contractor today if you wish to avert disastrous incidents!

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