Chimney Repair

Fireplaces are one of the best ways to make a home feel cozy and comfortable. Before the fireplace season begins, homeowners in Columbus should evaluate the health of their chimneys. It is typical for chimney flashing, mortar, caps, and crowns to become damaged. These problems can cause significant damage to the entire house if left unattended. You can catch and address issues early on by approaching roof chimney repair Bronx service providers. 

  • Water Leaks

Water damage and signs of water damage in a chimney are sure signs of a problem. You probably have a chimney leak if you notice water in your fireplace after a heavy rainstorm. The most common causes of chimney leaks include cracked crowns, worn-down mortar, and torn flashing. Look out for moisture in your chimneystack, spalling (pieces of the chimney chipping away), and salt deposits accumulating on the bricks. Eventually, a leaky chimney can cause water damage to your siding, walls, and ceiling and severe problems with your chimney, like leaning or collapsing. Find a repair provider of roof chimney leaks today to resolve your leakage issues.

  • Mortar Damage

Visually inspect your chimney’s mortar to uncover any issues.

The bricks, stones, blocks, or stucco that make up your chimney are held together by mortar. Experiencing rain, snow, ice, sunlight, or temperature changes can all cause mortar joints to deteriorate, and a crumbling of a building could result. Therefore, you must know what the problem is, and if you want a professional visit for regular inspection, you should choose roof chimney repair Bronx. 

  • Rusted components

It’s time for repairs when you notice rust forming on your fireplace’s firebox, damper, or other metal components. If your chimney contains too much moisture, your flue tiles can crack, resulting in a dangerous fire. Additionally, it can happen when the chimney is too old, so a professional for old chimney repair Bronx NY is always recommended. 

To check for hazardous breaches in the lining of your chimney, our Local Bronx Roofers may use special machinery, such as a chimney camera.

  • Shaling Flue Tiles

Thin slices of flue tiles are coming off due to a damaged flue liner. In case the lining of your chimney has been damaged, you may be able to see pieces of the chimney lining in your fireplace.  Get in touch with a Licensed roofer expert to prevent a house fire. Consider replacing your flue with a stainless-steel one, which typically comes with a lifetime warranty.  Shaling your chimney’s flue tiles indicates a severe problem and the need to repair your chimney as soon as possible.

  • Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown is the cement crown that sits on top of your chimney stack. Examine the cement crown for cracks and breaks. It is necessary to repair damages at the chimney’s height to prevent water from entering the trials, causing them to worsen, and allowing water to seep into the chimney. Protect the crown of your chimney by waterproofing it. 

Get a free inspection from a chimney replacement Bronx service provider if you believe you need chimney repairs. You can explore the web ocean for details to approach chimney providers. 


Go for chimney installation Bronx if it is high time your chimney has stopped working. The professional services will satisfy all your chimney repair requirements, and in many cases, reinstallation is the only option left to us. 

When you have issues with your rooftop or chimney, you can connect with trusted roofing services provided by experts. Whenever you need help with technical problems, you can always contact the professionals who are available online. 

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